Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dana Might Pick Good Movies

So as I mentioned in my last post about the Woodside schooling, Dana took a bit of a tumble.  Although she was mostly unhurt, she was sore enough that Adi and I volunteered to be nurses since Dana's husband was out of town and she would have been on her own.  Adi went home with Dana and I headed back to my house to catch a much needed shower and grab clothes.  As nice as it is to have the tracks groomed at Woodside, it makes it soooo dusty when they don't have it watered for the show and I think that I brought half the horse park home with me, most of it up my nose.  By the time I got out of the shower my phone had been bombarded with text messages from Dana and Adi.  Dana requested for me to bring ice packs and neosporin, Adi was simply informing me that one of the pairs of shorts she brought was dirty, but her other pair was clean (oh Adi).

A short car drive later, a demand to Adi to figure out how to open the door, an argument with the pizza guy who didn't think that they had cheesy breadsticks (which, of course, they did), and we are faced with picking out a movie.  Adi and I dug through most of the boxes and found a few interesting titles, when Dana got the idea to watch John Carter.  I was skeptical, to say the least since I had heard that the movie wasn't all that good.  I told Dana that this better be good or I would never trust her taste in movies again.  The beginning, is totally confusing, and I was lost for probably the first fifteen minutes, and made fun of the cheesiness at parts, but overall, I was fairly impressed.  Dana might, just might, have good taste in movies.
Under the bed adventures with Kumo
Now Dana has this really cute dog named Kumo, who makes the most hilarious noises ever and is just generally amusing and fun to play with.  He likes to sleep under the bed, and Dana said that he likes it because nobody ever goes down there with him.  Well, Adi and I decided that we would join him.  He was weirded out, to say the least.  He spent a good amount of time staring at us with a "what the heck are you doing?" look on his face.  Later, he joined us on the actual bed.
Kumo chilling on Adi
Finally, it was lights out, but we probably didn't stop talking for nearly another hour.  I don't even remember what was said, hopefully I didn't say anything too ridiculous.  Overall, good times were had by all, until we had to go back out to the barn in the scorching morning heat to take care of horses and unload the trailer.  Hopefully, this weather decides to get the heck out of here very soon!  I'm sick of sweating at nine in the morning!